Resco Mobile CRM with Barcode Scanner Support

Barcode scanning is a must-have feature for most of the field sales mobile apps. For this reason a specialized industrial devices with barcode scanners are often used, while most of them are running Windows Mobile OS. But what if a company wants their sales people to use barcode scanning on iPhones/iPads, which no doubt are the most popular platforms for a mobile CRM client.

Resco Mobile CRM now solves also this problem. The solution uses a built-in camera to capture a barcode image and afterwards it converts it to a respective code. This feature can be further set up in Resco Mobile CRM Studio. Thus, it provides great opportunities to perform further actions with ecently scanned barcode, such as making a new order, adding new products, etc.

Watch a short video:

And simply download the app from app stores and try it yourselves:

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