Resco Mobile CRM Android version

While most of the mobile CRM providers haven’t yet a ready-to-market Android app, or are only in the development of their first version, Resco Mobile CRM Android app has been in the market for over a year now. So we’ve had enough time to eliminate the bugs, make significant improvements, and release a Tablet version.

Moreover, we also incorporated many useful features based on the feedback from real users. We are proud to announce that we have successfully implemented Resco Mobile CRM Android to number of well-known customers.

Following videos demonstrate the app on Android devices:


That’s not all. Just a few weeks ago we passed the test for the Motorola Solutions’ ET1 ruggedized industrial Android based device.

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And recently we released a new version optimized for a low-end Android based device Amazon Kindle Fire, which is now one of the bestselling tablets in the USA.

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